About Me

Adventures of a shopaholic is a blog for all you fellow shopping addicts and thrill seekers.

The face behind the words, the wizard behind the curtain as I like to say, is ME. Me being a university student living in York, England. I was born in London and moved to North Wales when I was 6 years old, I never lost my posh English accent (which if you live in Wales gets you quite a bit of grief) and then moved to York in September 2015. I’m currently 20 years of age and have survived on my own as a student for a whole year now, I’m an accounting and business management student, I know what your thinking, Well doesn’t that just sound like the most boring degree available” and you’re probably right! But i love it!

A fun fact about me is that although I have a passion for fashion (cheesy I know) I am absolutely hopeless doing anything with hair and makeup. So don’t expect any cutting edge hair style and makeup tips from me.

I started adventures of a shopaholic as a kind of diary for myself to document my travels and the evolution of my style through the years and to maybe give some advice along the way. On this blog you will find advice on everything from how to survive working with colleagues you don’t get on with to the best way to keep you studies organised. You will find stories from my travel to Uganda on a volunteer project to my semester abroad in The Netherlands and as the title of this blog suggests you may come across some lookbooks and style posts alone the way too.

I hope you enjoy reading through my highs and my lows, my most embarrassing moments to my proudest.

– Sophie x